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Our EM material characterization consultants provide custom test solutions for unique measurement challenges. Our team specializes in measurements to extract the fundamental electromagnetic properties of materials and assemblies. These properties are often needed for accurate simulation and analysis or to understand the behavior of derived systems in complex EM environments, such as lightning, HIRF, and EMI/EMC.

An advantage of EMA’s approach is our ability to use targeting simulations of the test article in order to more readily determine the fundamental EM material properties.

EMA’s measurement team has significant FAA, DoD and NASA program validation successes.

EM material characterization services include:

Testing may be done in conjunction with evaluation, analysis, and model validation/verification. Often, the measured EM properties may be used as model input parameters to achieve a successful validation result or to improve system design.

Some examples include:

  • Triaxial transfer impedance measurement of 1 inch diameter copper braided shield, with modeling results for validation:


Triaxial test and model

 Transfer impedance measurement


  • Common mode voltage of twisted and parallel wire pairs:


  • Measured and modeled pin voltage of a twisted shielded pair cable, when the shield is injected with 100 A current transient:

Open circuit voltage

Put the EMA custom test and measurement team to work for you to achieve success in your challenging characterization and validation efforts.

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