Antenna Co-site



EMA offers software packages and consulting intended to discover, assess and solve the antenna installation issues in the initial stages of the design flow of the platform. These tools are optimized for large arrays typical of modern RF system design.

The installation of large antenna arrays on a complex air and space platforms can lead to design challenges, including:

  • Antenna pattern distortion
  • Inter-antenna coupling
  • RE/RS interference with other equipment on the platform
  • Antenna co-site analysis
  • Antenna coverage analysis
  • Assessment of the need for  Passive Inter Modulation (PIM)

Our team and partners include experts with decades of experience in integrating complex antennas on:

  • Satellites
  • Aircraft
  • Military Structures
  • Naval Ships

We offer the software tool ADF, which has the following strengths:

  • An integrated full-wave solver for accurate antenna modeling
  • A more complete and flexible set of antenna modeling tools than its competitors
  • The ability to model antenna feed systems based on spherical wave expansion (SWE)
  • Four modeling methods to optimize and cross-check results
  • Post-processing tools for moving platforms
  • Advanced CAD cleaning and preparation tools